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    In Basketball Crew each character has exclusive explosive skills and every player can unlock more skill bars through his athletes.

    I. Controls
    First of all, in Basketball Crew, as a beginner, you need to understand the basic functions of the four buttons and the basic operations that you have.

    1. When you are attacking and control the ball: Press O to shot, X to pass the ball, the Square button to breakthrough, press the Triangle button to post up

    2. When you attack and don't have the ball: you can use the O button to rebound, the X button to ask for a pass, the Square button to cover, the Triangle button skills to defense.

    3. When you are in defense: you can use the O button rebound, X button to steal, press the Triangle button to defense

    II. Common & Fancy

    In Basketball Crew each character can use 6 basic skills and everyone can unlock more skills collecting new members. Skills can be broadly divided into four categories: shooting, breakthrough, defensive steals, and fancy moves.

    In addition to passive fancy action skills, active skills require conditional triggering, or you need to perform an independent trick. E.g:

    1, Charge intercept: While defending, point the stick to any direction and use X. Charge intercept is a very effective move against accepting athletes. (difficulty: low)

    2. False jump: While dribbling, use ○ (Shot), and then direct the stick to a middle distance player and use X (Pass). False jump shot used to perform a pass (difficulty: high)

    3. Switch handed breakthrough: While dribbling, move the stick left or right from the basket and tap □ (Breakthrough) 2 times. Breakthrough into another direction to avoid opposing guards. (difficulty: low)

    The characters in different positions in Basketball Crew can use different skills suitable for their position, forming various types of combos, and everyone can wear a variety of shooting actions to become the main scorer.

    You can also use a defensive action such as defensive steals and a versatile aid.

    III. Talent

    This button is the exclusive talent that every player has.

    Each character during the match accumulates points of talent energy. After accumulating 1000 points of energy, a character can use his exclusive talent. After using the talent, the accumulation of points begins anew.

    You can accumulate 3000 points of energy without using the talent, but no more. While you have this amount of points you can use the talent, spending 1000 energy points for 1 time. When the energy points end, you have to accumulate them again.

    There are so many introductions to the functional of newcomers, and the fancy skills of the Basketball Crew are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more, just go to the game and experience it.