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    Hey fellas!
    We are happy to welcome all the basketball stars!
    We are inviting you to take part in the contest of bug hunters! It will help us to improve the game, and you will receive awesome rewards for participation. All you have to do is to play Basketball Crew and look for the bugs!

    Contest conditions are very easy:
    • The contest will last from 11 to 28 of February;
    • All found bugs must be noted down in this thread;
    • Please try not to repeat;
    • The bug must be described specifically and exactly;
    • Applications must be written due to the template;
    • Applications that don’t follow the previous rule won’t be accepted.
    Application template:
    • Nickname
    • Mobile ID
    • Steps that lead you to the bug
    • The detailed description of the bug
    • Screenshot or a video of the bug
    • The most meticulous bug hunter
      Winner of this nomination will be the player, who found the most hard-to-reach bug
    • The most active bug hunter
      Winner of this nomination will be the player, who sent the biggest quantity of bugs
    • The luckiest bug hunter
      Winner of this nomination will be chosen randomly among all
    As a reward, winners will receive a Gift of Reverence:
    • Master skills package x1
    • Big Horn x2
    • Athlete shards chest x20
    • Skin shards chest x20
    • Diamond card x4
    • Coins card x2
    We wish all the luck to all bug hunters! Let's make Basketball Crew better together!