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    Do you know the game well? Do you like to help other players? Are you fair, sociable and stress-resistant? Then submit an application to us for the position of a forum and in-game moderator!

    Please fill in this form and post your answers as a comment in this thread:
    • Real name:
    • In-game nickname:
    • In-game level:
    • Age (18+ y.o. only):
    • How much time do you play the game during the day?
    • At what time are you available?
    • Your country:
    • Why do you want to become a moderator?
    • Additional info - your experience, personal qualities, skills (the more details the better):
    • Installed Discord is obligatory.
    We will be choosing candidates for further interviews based on your applications in this thread. If you don't get an answer immediately, don't worry – you may be contacted later.
  2. Kingali9924 [28445056]

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    Feb 7, 2019
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    Real name: Tommy Bailey

    In-game nickname: NBAKING

    In-game level: Level 30


    Time length: 2-4 hrs

    Times available: Available at any time

    Country: North America

    Why do I want to become a moderator? I like to help people with certain issues, work well with graphics and animations, very responsible and trustworthy. I can control (chat)rooms before they get out of hand, check to make sure no cheating/hacking is being used.

    Exp,skills,etc: I can create graphics like designs for backgrounds. I know my way around when it comes to 3D animating

    Discord name: TommyBailey#9117
  3. asumabrbrbr [30075993]

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    Mar 31, 2019
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    Real name: Daniel Vitor Silva

    Ingame nickname: Jyuslesval James

    Ingame Level: 35

    Age: 21

    Time lenght: 2-7 hrs

    Times Avaliable: Avaliable at any time

    Coutry: Brazil

    Why do you want become a moderator: I want to be a moderator to help the game and the community to grow to become one of the powers of mobile games, even because the game is very good and fun and not having many people playing is very sad

    • Additional info - your experience, personal qualities, skills (the more details the better): I can help in marketing, promoting the game to bring in more players, give ideas for additional updates or even bugfix, I have been moderator of other games and I have experiences in these subjects.