Wiley joins the game!

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    Breaking news!
    Here's a new kid in the town who has just joined our Basketball Crew! Let us introduce you Wiley, he's a SG (shooting guard)! From December 13 to 20 you can buy a new athlete and a crazy colorful and stylish skin for him with a 20% discount!
    Wiley's special skill requires great teamwork.
    To perform the skill successfully Wiley needs to get a pass as soon as he requests it, then he retreats behind the three-point line and can shoot.
    If Wiley doesn't get the pass, he can't score. So check if Wiley requests a pass - it may result in three points for your team.

    In addition, the new events start in December from 13 to 20!

    Task event.
    Complete tasks during the first week after Wiley has appeared to get Diamonds, Potential materials, Emblem shards and other rewards. Quests are refreshed every day!
    Accumulated recharge.
    Total top-up cash accumulation brings you not only Athlete shards, Skin shards and Skill chests, but also lots of Emblem Shards and Potential materials.

    Hurry up!
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